Construct a pathway

If you want a sidewalk with greater curb appeal than the typical narrow, straight-sided walkway, concrete pavers give you the versatility to form walkways with gently curved configurations and make them any width you desire.

Upgrade your driveway

A driveway looks best when there is a sense of unity between the style of the house and the surrounding landscape. Concrete pavers are an excellent way to give your driveway a fresh look.

Use big pavers as stepping stones

Improve access to the house with a budget-friendly path you can lay in a day using pavers. A stepping stone path doubles as a landscape feature and is both affordable and easy to lay DIY, as it can be installed with ease in just a weekend.

Redo your pool deck

One of the best ways to make your pool look brand new is by replacing the pavers that frame it. New pavers revitalize the space without reshaping the pool or changing any other permanent structures.

Build a small wall

A well-constructed paver wall not only looks good but can also prevent soil erosion. You can build a retaining wall with concrete pavers that will provide an attractive border between your garden and your lawn.

Build a fire pit.

An outdoor fire pit is a great place to gather friends and family, to relax and enjoy the warmth on a cold evening. You can build your own fire pit with concrete pavers walls that help enclose the flames and heat generated by the fire.